Group Fitness with real proven results:
Real People, Hard Work, Lasting changes


CrossFit is for anyone and everyone. From first timer’s, to those looking to fill an athletic or competitive void, we welcome any ability, any size, any age! Our experienced, certified coaches will help make the workout perfect for you.

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Starting is easy with the On-Boarding Membership. You start with three, 60 minute Personal Training sessions so that you can learn at your pace, with no pressure, and no nerves. You’ll leave with 100% FUN and CONFIDENCE. We aim to set you up to be successful, look great, and feel amazing!

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The Max Oxygen Crossfit Mission:

Max Oxygen CrossFit is built on a supportive community of athletes who recognize the importance of health and fitness. The core values that shape our gym are: Humility, Gratitude, and Integrity. There are no egos or time for bad attitudes here. A “can do” and "get to do" attitude with the willingness to learn is all you need to start your path to success. Our coaches are here to help you balance technique and intensity to ensure that you reach your goals! We believe first in learning the proper mechanics, secondly being consistent in our movement, and then adding the intensity CrossFit is known for. Correct technique and form allows us to workout safely and train for longevity. We are training for life: to play with the kids after school, have fun in pick up basketball, enjoy a family hike, and stay functional as long as we can.   Have Fun. Get a Great Workout. Leave with a Smile.