Getting Started


Nice to meet you!

Are you ready to make a change? Start something challenging? Transform your life? Excited for "working out" to be fun again? You're at the right place. No experience needed and all ability levels welcome. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

*If you are coming from another CrossFit affiliate, your Foundations classes can be waived. Please contact us to get started.*

Step One: Register for your On-Boarding to get started. This is where the foundation is laid for the long term progress, results, and friendships to come. You will learn what good nutrition is. You will learn what proper and safe movement is and how it will better your lifestyle. You will learn that Max Oxygen CrossFit is more than a gym, we are a family of support and encouragement. The On-Boarding consists of 3, one-on-one private training sessions with our Level 2 Certified CrossFit Coach.

Step Two: We will work with you to set goals. You probably have a couple in mind. We will encourage you and hold you accountable to crushing them and more than what you think you are capable of!

Step Three: Show up. Come into the classes meet the athletes. You are now an athlete at Max Oxygen. You control your destiny. Eat Clean. Train Hard. Live Life. Have Fun!

If you're on the fence, you are welcome to check out our clean, top of the line facility and equipment before deciding. Meet our coaches and some of our community. We want to be the right fit for you!