Let's Make a Difference

Join us, and change your life. Feel Better. Look Better. Be the best YOU. Do you want to lose weight or inches around your waist? Be able to play with your kids or grandkids? Build muscle or tone your body? Are you just looking for some accountability, direction, or community? You're at the right place! You will start with Personal Training sessions with experienced trainers. Once you're confident, we will move you into our group classes where the fun and friendships begin. What are you waiting for?!

*Total value of $510, you pay $120/month for 3 payments, Save 30%*


Private Training Sessions

As you begin, you will work one-on-one with a Level 1 or 2 Certified CrossFit Trainer. In three 60 minute sessions, we will lay the foundation for your success and hard-work. You’ll learn the correct form for the foundational CrossFit movements, so that can jump into classes and get quick results. You will learn how to move, why we move, and the reasons CrossFit is so effective. Valued at $150.

Nutrition Assessment and guidance

Included is a brief Nutrition Assessment and Guidance piece. We will review current habits, educate you on healthy habits, and begin to develop a plan for you to crush your goals. The combo of workouts and good nutrition will help you feel better, sleep better, and look better. We will also check in with you down the road to help keep you accountable, see what is working, and make changes as needed.



Unlimited Group Classes

After completion of your Private Training sessions,  you will begin our group classes. Our classes are all led by experienced certified CrossFit trainers. No need to be nervous, because all skill levels and ages are present in every single class. Classes include demonstration, coaching, warm ups, a strength and/or conditioning workout, and cool downs. One thing is for sure…we have fun! You'll make friends, and our community will make working out the best part of your day. Our coaches work with each individual member to figure out the correct modifications and scaling so that each person in the class gets a great workout. Real results and changes won't happen overnight, so give us three months and we'll give you a new lifestyle and better health! Three months of unlimited classes, value of $360 ($120/month)!