Ames Strength Barbell Club


Max Oxygen is home to Ames Strength Barbell Club

Ames Strength is the first and only USAW (United States of America Weightlifting) Club in Ames and the immediate surrounding communities. We work with all ages of clients. The Ames Strength mission is to improve overall strength, technical understanding, and to have fun doing so. It is a mission driven by passion for the sport of Weightlifting and Powerlifting. We train in order to increase strength, power, explosiveness, coordination, and much more in order to benefit the quality of your everyday life. Ames Strength is also the club of several National (U.S.) Level lifters. There's a spot for everyone and their goals. Whether it is qualifying on the National stage or learning how to squat better, all levels are welcome and coached with the same passion. 

Programming and workouts for Ames Strength members will be done on an INDIVIDUAL basis. This means your program will be specific to you. In the strength world, this is the game changer. Strength does not follow a one size fits all template for athletes. Each person is different and will need their own numbers. Each athlete will also have their own strengths and weaknesses unique them. Individual program design allows us to tailor your workouts to your abilities, needs, and desires.

For current Max Oxygen members, this can be an additional service to compliment your CrossFit workouts. A great tool and resource to build or refine strength if that is currently a weakness or goal to work on.

Please email us to get signed up. We would like you to stop in to meet the coach, fellow athletes, see the facility, and learn about your goals.