“Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.”

Our program delivers RESULTS. Plain and simple. Our specialty is not specializing. Our coaches, workouts, and community are unique. Get workouts tailored specifically for YOU and your current abilities and goals! You'll look GREAT, feel AMAZING, and be SUCCESSFUL.

Max Oxygen is the community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together. The communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it’s so effective. Max Oxygen redefines "Group Fitness." We are more than just an exercise program. Our members and coaches are engaging. It creates an atmosphere that encourages you and makes you want to come back the next day. What about food? We focus on that too. Nutrition is just as important and it is something we can offer you as well.

Our fun, ever changing (constantly varied) workouts help you to live a better more productive life outside the gym (functional movements). We are able to do this with a 60 minute class that includes group warm up, group and individual coaching, friendships, workout (high intensity), and a cool down/break down. These workouts paired with proper nutrition will lead to undeniable results and progress. We promise you will never get bored with it. Working out will be fun and enjoyable, you'll want to come back each day.

These movements include a combination of conditioning (running, rowing, biking), gymnastics (pullup movements, pushups, ab work) and weightlifting (squats, presses, pulls).

The aim of CrossFit is to develop a broad, general and inclusive fitness that prepares you for any physical activity — the “unknown and unknowable.” CrossFit is a program for all ability and experience levels, designed for universal scalability, which makes it the perfect application for any individual committed to achieving their own personal version of excellence in fitness. What is universal scalability? It means: The same routines are used for everyone; the load and intensity of the program is modified and scaled for the individual, but the workout remains the same for all! 

CrossFit has been called “The Sport of Fitness” because it re-introduces personal athletic achievement and performance to training. The mindset at the start of each workout is to be stronger, move faster, more efficiently with better form than ever. Performance and results are measurable, observable and repeatable. This is why, over time, athletes continue to improve their levels of fitness.

Courtesy of CrossFit.com